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Free download Zapya 6.3.2 latest version
for Android, iOS or Windows PC

Zapya is the best tool for cross platform file transferring and sharing for iOS or Android devices. Zapya can transfer files in extremely high speed without using mobile network or data. You can download Zapya on any Android, iOS device od Windows PC. Zapya apk is also available for separate download. Transfer Photo, Music and other types of files at more than 128x speed of Bluetooth.

Zapya Features

Zapya has 300 million plus growing user base around the world because of it's unique and highly demanded features. Be apart of world's best cross platform file sharing program.

  • Share files over Wi-Fi
  • Supports iOS, Android and Windows
  • Better than Bluetooth, NFC, Airdrop
  • Network gaming without internet
  • Instant Group Sharing
  • Many more features

What's new in Zapya 6.3.2

Zapya 6.3.2 is capable of running Local network games. You can play multiplayer games within local network using Zapya. Have a fun.

Zapya screenshot

Zapya Features

  • Phone Replicate Feature Added
  • Added Thai & Russian Languages
  • Improved Performance
  • FB, G+ and Many communities added
Download Zapya 6.3.2

Zapya Latest version

Zapya is compatible for iOS, Android and Windows devices. The latest version Zapya 6.3.2 is aailable for download.

Zapya for PC

More and More

Zapya has the world first mobile fitness app, Burn calories for shaking your mobile device. Also nice game coordination game three leg dual player.

Zapya Video Tutorial and guide

Please check our Zapya Video tutorial if you need futher clarifications about how Zapya works between different platforms such as iOS and Android.

Zapya step by step guide

  • Install Zapya latest version on both devices
  • Make sure that both devices are in same Wi-Fi network
  • Create a group on both devices
  • Then connect devices via group and You can share files, Installed games between devices.